Writing Resume

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Hail Mary Taxi Co. “Pilot”
with Tyler Chitwood
Pilot — At New York’s only Catholic taxi company Hail Mary, complete with roving confessional, new cabbie Mo comes down with a case of Habit Fever when he falls for Trinity, a young woman about to take her vows to become a nun, which makes him question his own vows to his wife.

Raising Hope “Delinquent”
with Tyler Chitwood
Spec — Jimmy is on the case when Maw Maw’s identity is stolen and the rest of the family couldn’t care less.  At the same time, Sabrina becomes the bird whisperer, but is drawn into a nest of crime.  Who can they trust?

Community “Legal Strategies and Theoretical Time Travel”
with Tyler Chitwood
Spec — It’s a time for second chances at Greendale as Jeff tutors Annie for a makeup law assignment, and Troy and Abed convince Pierce he’s stuck in a time loop.

How I Met Your Mother “Cecil Says”
reviewed in the top 5% of over 1,300 submissions for the 2010 Warner Bros. Writers’ Workshop
Spec — Robin strives for normalcy in her love life when the gang learns her first crush was a kids’ show puppeteer. Meanwhile, Barney institutes a challenge incentive program.

Nightcap (watch me!)
headwriter 2005-2007
Talk / Variety show — Orange County’s late night experience. Celebrity guests, musical performances, sketch comedy, and more! Featuring segments such as The Great Host Robbery, Random Thoughts with Sherry Layne, and My Super Cheap 16.

Desperate Housewives “Make Yourself at Home”
Spec — The decorative soap is set and the spare linens are ready, but Bree’s hospitality is tested by Danielle’s newest boyfriend and his fetish for film. Meanwhile, Lynette attempts to connect with Kayla after the 12 year old receives her own special “visit.”

Upstaged “Pilot Ex Machina”
Pilot — On his way back from a botched interview at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, fresh-out-of-grad-school director Ty Connley’s car breaks down outside of a floundering community theater in the town of Sea Bass. If Ty can mold the amateur actors, tame the shrew of a playwright, and keep the theater afloat, perhaps he can end up with his dream job after all.


Training B-Day
in pre-production
Short — description coming soon

For the Win
with Tyler Chitwood
Feature — Jocks are social outcasts and drama nerds rule the hallways in this modern-day retelling of Homer’s epic The Iliad.  The captain of a struggling high school football team vows to win the game to win the girl, but can his team stay afloat when they lose their star running back to court-mandated community service?

Yip! …at the Park
produced by Marion Knott Studios 2006
Short — An homage to silent film era comedies. Street mime Yip attempts to win the heart of a beautiful girl, if his rival, the street violist, doesn’t woo her first.


The Silver Foxes
with Tyler Chitwood
Pilot — description coming soon

Reel Teens
produced Jan 2012
Series — “The hardest part [of being this age] is finding someone who will understand you like no other.” –Jacqueline (age 15).  Real high school students star as 3 groups of high schoolers with 3 weeks to produce 3 very different films dealing with what it truly means to be a modern teenager. Developed over a semester of interviews and improv exercises with students from the Ambassador School of Global Leadership in downtown Los Angeles.

Quantum Sleep (watch me!)
16 episodes produced as of 11/17
Radio series — Samantha Beckett travels through television history fixing classic sitcom “jump the shark” moments in this Quantum Leap spoof.

Dr. Franceen Stein’s Monster
in pre-production
Animated series — A workaholic scientist builds herself a house husband. Unfortunately, freshly regenerated corpses make clumsy homemakers.

More or Less Lost (watch me!)
aired on The Baub Show Feb-May 2010
Radio series — A non-expert deciphers the final season of Lost episode by episode, one minute at a time… more or less.

The Baub Show (on LiveUniverse)(watch me!)
headwriter 2008
Interactive talk / variety show — Host Bob Merrick serves up cocktails, musical performances, and sketch comedy. Featuring segments such as Little Desie’s Letters to Celebrities (watch me!and Ed Farmer: Racially Profiled, Out of Work Actor (watch me!).

Interactive Murder Mystery Party Games

I Now Pronounce You Dead
15 players and up — Chicken, fish, or murder when an uninvited body crashes the already tense wedding reception of a bride and groom from two feuding families. Guests must look past their differences to dig up evidence and discover the killer amongst them while still saving room for cake. Game runs for 2 hours plus.

Singin’ in the Rainin’ Blood
20 players and up  — The movies may be talking, but the guests aren’t when the controversial director of Hollywood’s newest motion picture drops dead at dinner. Guests must sift through the secrets, lies, and schemes to single out the killer before someone else ends up as dead as silent cinema.  Game runs for 2 hours plus.

Theatre &  Print

Internal Radio
published in Plain Rap 2004
Essay — The child, the teenager, the moron, the optimist, and the lonely soul. Turn the dial to hear their songs.

produced by California High School 2003
Full length musical — Every girl wants to be like Grace. Even Travis has a hard time wanting to be himself. But when South Suburbia High’s social ladder is turned on its end, any Tom, Dick, and janitor could win the much-anticipated talent show.

Tomato Sauce
produced by California High School 2002
One act comedy — His name is Harriet, and he just inherited a genie.