Holy Smits!

I finally started watching Dexter thanks to my obsession with Netflix instant play.

TANGENT: Netflix is the equivalent to a neighborhood drug pusher. “Hey, kid, just try a season or two of this series. It’s on instant play, so it won’t cost you anything.” And then when you’re hooked, the show is only available through the mail, and you’ve got the shakes because you’re waiting for disc three to arrive, but it’s friggin’ Labor Day weekend! But I’ve digressed…

Jimmy Smits co-stars in season 3 of Dexter, which brings back memories of my days as a costume department PA on his short lived (a generous description) show “Cane.” I remember, in one particular episode, there was to be a shower scene. Of course being a CBS show, they couldn’t risk actual nudity, so Mr. Smits was to don a flesh-colored thong.

To get such a thong, I had to venture to a creepy little shop in West Hollywood with mannequins in the windows dressed in black leather “Daddy” outfits (if you know what I mean). Needless to say, I felt a tad out of place.

I returned from my trek with thumb and forefinger clutching a bag with said delicate and delivered it to the costume trailer. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a look of disgust and a phrase I will never forget: “Jimmy wears his own thongs.”

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